Railroad Scheduler

Get ready for an exciting train adventure in which you'll be tasked with getting trains from point A to point B while avoiding collisions and completing each level in the fastest time possible. With the ability to control time, you'll have the power to determine the game's speed and even go back in time to fix any mistakes and optimize the travel time for every train.

Railroad Scheduler, is our entry for the Gamedev.js Jam 2023, featuring the theme TIME. The objective of our game is to plan the route and schedule a set of trains through space and TIME. To aid you in this task, you have access to TIME controls, enabling you to fast-forward and rewind time at your discretion.

This game was developed using Rust and wgpu, and is playable in the browser thanks to WASM. It is also available for download on Windows and Linux.

For optimal performance, we advise using Firefox, the preferred browser for playing. It seems that there may be technical issues when utilizing Chrome/-ium.

Game Play

Every train needs to be directed towards a designated station that is recognizable by a three-character code (e.g., BXR, HTG), as depicted on the map [M]. The objective is displayed on the right of the train number. After a train has arrived at its destination, a small checkmark (✔) will be shown next to its goal.


Keyboard Layout

Go back / exit
F12Fast quit
F11Toggle fullscreen
| WAccelerate train
| S
Break train
← → | A D
Change the switch ahead
EnterReverse current train
DelClear future schedule of current train
Q E | End HomeSelect previous/next train
1 - 9Select train 1-9
TabToggle orthographic/perspective view
MShow map
C | VToggle camera position (front/back)
X | ShiftFast forwarding
Z | CtrlRewinding
BackspaceRewind to start
SpacePause time
R | PgUpAccelerate time
F | PgDnDecelarate time

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorCoffé Junk Studio
Made withRust, Blender
TagsRailroad, railway, Time Travel, Trains
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


railroad-scheduler-v0.4.1-demo-windows.zip 6 MB
railroad-scheduler-v0.4.1-demo-linux.tar.gz 6.7 MB

Development log


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I like train

Cool game, wish there were more levels!

Playing on latest chrome browser... all the characters/text are messed up.

Sorry, for the inconvenience, we noticed this too. Maybe you can give it a try in Mozilla Firefox.

Interesting. On MF it successfully showed the main menu (unlike chrome), but otherwise everything seemed equally messed up. 

Strange, can you provide us with a screenshot or something. What OS do you have?

Using Mac OS (most recent update)

This is the opening sequence

In game

Oh, that looks really strange. Sadly, we don't have a Mac at hand and thus can't test/fix it at the moment. Really sorry.

We released a patch (v0.3.1) that might fix this issue.

Would you mind testing it again?