This game is our contribution to the Game Off 2022 game jam.

Sail your ship in the winds of the sea and catch fish to sell them. Once you know which way the wind blows, you can run like the wind! And if you ever get lonely out in the seas, always remember; there are plenty of fish in the sea! If you're lucky you might even catch some kind words on the oceans. Give it a try! Go fishing for compliments!


You cannot move your ship directly: it swims where the wind blows if you turn it in the right direction.

Turn starboard
Turn larboard
Hoist the sails
Take in the sails
E Sell fish (at harbor)
R Upgrade sail (at harbor)
F Upgrade ship hull (at harbor)
1 Toggle sounds
2 Toggle music

How it's made

To make this game, we've been using the good-web-game rust crate. The assets were made with gimp and blender. We implemented an automated toolchain to render the 3d-blender-assets into 2d image atlases so we could use them the game. Everything is freely accessible at GitHub.


plenty-of-fish-in-the-sea 22 MB
Version v1.0.0 Dec 01, 2022
plenty-of-fish-in-the-sea.exe 22 MB
Version v1.0.0 Dec 01, 2022

Install instructions

Plenty-of-fish-in-the-sea runs in the browser and can be downloaded for windows or linux.

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