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We bet, finding capital cities around the world is harder than you think! Especially, if annoying opponents trap you or disrupt your map while you try to use coastlines to find your goal!

Pro tip: Guess - you won't know every capital.

Erasterra is a game designed to make geography fun!  You will be surprised how different orientation on the globe is from orientation on a flat map of the earth! Hold your ground against other players - You can even use items spawning around the earth to handicap others or to boost yourself! Can you achieve the full score of 1000 points for a location and instantly win a round?

How to play

When pressing on "Play" you get into the matchmaker which automatically starts, if ten people are available. If at least two players are in the matchmaker, it starts after 120 seconds with the players in the queue.

Ad-hoc Multiplayer

Besides the online multiplayer (for which Erasterra is designed) there is also the option to play ad-hoc in the local area network (LAN). To make this work, one Erasterra game has to be running in server mode. Up to 63 other Erasterra instances in the same LAN can then be connected to this running server instance of Erasterra. This works in the following way:

SERVER    to start Erasterra in Server mode, you need to press ctrl while clicking on "Play". You will the see the game running as usual, but the match won't start until you press the little "Start" button in the top center of the screen. Before pressing "Start", other players in the LAN can join your game.

CLIENT    to start Erasterra in Ad-Hoc-Client mode, you need to enter the IPv4 Address of the Erasterra server in the LAN and then hold down ctrl while pressing "Play". You will then be joining the match of the server.

The Ad-Hoc-Match starts by pressing the "Start" button in the top center of the screen on the server instance of Erasterra. Keep in mind that we did not design Erasterra for this Ad-Hoc-Mode. It is handy while testing the multiplayer during development. You might encounter some bugs or otherwise unexpected behaviour in this mode. E.g. the endscreen might be skipped.


There are essentially two options for playing Erasterra in Singleplayer mode.

1. You can deny your GDPR consent. This will cause Erasterra to establish no network connection at all. However, you will still be able to play Erasterra. Pressing on play with missing consent automatically launches a singleplayer match.

2. You can also start Erasterra in server mode by holding down ctrl while pressing "Play" (just as described in the "Ad-hoc-Multiplayer" section). If pressing "Start" in the top center of the screen without any clients connected to your server, a singleplayer match will start.


Erasterra_v0.7.3_win.zip 83 MB
Erasterra_v0.7.3_macos.zip 88 MB
Erasterra_v0.7.3_linux.tar.gz 88 MB


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Will there be an open source version of this? Would love to see how you did the multiplayer using Godot.

(1 edit)

Basically, we used the Godot's rpc system to implement the multiplayer. Multiple server instances are running on our server and waiting for match requests. A matchmaker that we made with Rust is also running on our server and waits for clients. If enough clients have connected, it tells a server instance to start a match.

Once a match has started, each client sends updates to the server instance. The server instance then computes the new game state and sends relevant updates to the clients.

So, you could say it's a classical centralized client-server structure implemented using Godot's rpc system.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for open sourcing Erasterra as we have moved away from Godot towards our own engine.

We're currently working on a blog where we'll regulary give insights to the development of our "Sphere Engine" :)

Thanks for your response. Hope you keep making great games!