A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

In Sphere Game you control a sphere in a bowl-shaped 2D space. Your goal is to hit the other spheres as hard as possible to shatter them into pieces! But take care; if you get hit too hard too often by other spheres, you will be smashed yourself! Avoiding them is challenging as the bent space keeps dragging you to the center. Can you destroy everything around you until you are the only one left?


As the Sphere Game is built using the Vulkan graphics API, your GPU needs to support Vulkan and you need to have a Vulkan capable driver and a Vulkan loader installed (which you usually have if your graphics card supports Vulkan). If the game does not launch or crashes during launch there is likely an issue with Vulkan support.

On Linux, you need to have libvulkan1 (= vulkan loader) and e.g. mesa-vulkan-drivers or nvidia-drivers-* installed.

Technical Details

The idea of the Sphere Game was initially conceived as a test of our own engine, which we now call the "Sphere Engine". This engine is being implemented using Rust and Vulkan. Rust is a systems programming language empowering software engineers to build reliable and efficient software. Vulkan is a high performance graphics API that can be regarded as the successor of OpenGL, existing alongside DirectX 12 and Metal.


sphere-game_v0.3.1.exe 5 MB
sphere-game_v0.3.1 9 MB

Install instructions

Just download and run the game, no installation required.

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